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Battle of Umberkhind :

An Uzbek general, Kartalab Khan, was sent by Shaista Khan on a mission to attack and reduce the number of forts under Shivaji’s control in the Konkan region on 3 February 1661. He left his camp near Pune with 30,000 troops. This time the Mughals did not march openly and took circuitous back country routes, as they sought to surprise Shivaji. But instead Shivaji surprised them at a pass known as ‘Umber Khind’ (in a dense forest, near present-day), and attacked them from all sides. Marathas hidden in the dense forest executed a well co-ordinated ambush attack on the Mughal army. Shivaji himself took the forward position with an elite cavalry unit. The other three sides were flanked by Shivaji’s light infantry.

In a well co-ordinated movement of light infantry and cavalry, Shivaji prevailed over the attackers. A Maratha lady commander, Raibagan, who co-led the Mughal forces, analyzed the situation and realised that defeat was imminent and advised Kartalab Khan to accept defeat and initiate a compromise with Shivaji. Within four hours into the attack the enemy accepted defeat and surrendered all the supplies, arms and assets. The Mughal army suffered high casualties. The defeated army was allowed a safe passage. Kartalab Khan and Raibagan were released with honour in accordance with Shivaji’s terms and his long standing policy towards women and unarmed civilians.

The battle is known for the strategic manner in which Chhatrapati Shivaji deployed his forces and rapid movement that his cavalry was able to achieve.

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Dukes Nose (Nagphani) :
Nagphani, later known as Duke’s Nose after Duke Wellington, is a cliff at Khandala near Lonavala. The Cliff is pointed like a snakes pointed head portion (hood) and hence the name Nagphani (Nag means snake and phani means hood). The name Dukes’nose is derived as the cliff looked like the shape of the Duke. This is a marvelous trekking spot nearby Lonavala. Adventurous trekking is highly essential to reach the Duke’s nose and the view of the downhill plains from this point is mind boggling.

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Date : 4-5 August, 2012

Duration: 1 Night /2 Days

Difficulty Level: Easy



Day-1: Departs towards Lonavala by Indrayani Express. Arrival at Khandala, had breakfast and then proceed towards Kurvande village. Post lunch proceed for Dukes nose, enjoy scenic view of Sahyadri from top. Back to base village, Overnight stay at Kurvande village.

Day-2: After breakfast start descending Umberkhind. Visit theSamar bhumi of Umbarkhind where one of the best battles of Maratha history had taken place. Lunch at the base of Umbarkhind (Chavani Village), enjoy swimming in the Amba river. Evening back to Khopoli via local transport.

Trek Concludes.  


Trek Cost:  Rs. 780/- Per Person



  • Transportation from Lonavala to Dukes Nose & Umbarkhind to Khopoli (Mumbai-Lonavla & Khopoli-Mumbai  Train tickets to be done on your own )
  • 2 Breakfasts, Saturday Dinner  and Sunday Lunch
  • Accommodation on dormitory basis (Village stay)
  • Guide & Expertise Charges
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